Canadian Sphynx and offers kittens as pets and breeders

Vandvis cattery (CFA, ASSOLUX int.), located in Moscow, Russia, breeds Canadian Sphynx and offers kittens as pets and breeders. All the offspring that appears in our cattery is the result of a rigorous selection of breeder cats (bloodlines from France, Belgium and the USA).

— We adore our cats so the primary goal of our breeding work has always been quality instead of quantity.

— As we care first of all about good health of our cats, Lanion is a close type cattery. That means that we make breeding couples only inside the cattery. We’re working with breeders of various independent blood lines to exclude the possibility of inbreeding.

— Every acquired animal is placed in quarantine for 2 month during which it is put to clinical test. Such arrangements ensure good health of our animals. We give a lifetime guaranty on health.

— All animals raised in our cattery fulfill morphological criteria gathered in the standard, such as large and broad at the base ears, large lemon-shaped eyes, well proportioned head, robust muscular body, wide chest, long muscular legs, long whip-like tail, thick, wrinkled skin and splendid colours: tortie, van, harlequin, blue, black, seal point, lilac, chocolate, white, mink colour-point and other rare colours.

— Today not only Russian cat lovers are interested in cats from Lanion, but also breeders from Europe and CIS. Our Sphynx also live in the United States. We carry kittens to any point of the world.

— We can provide you with detailed information on how to take care of Sphynx and help you choose the perfect cat for you and your family.

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