You might think a hairless cat requires no grooming

You might think a hairless cat requires no grooming. Think again. Sphynx must be bathed regularly to remove excess oil from their skin. All cats produce these secrete natural oils, but Sphynx don’t have fur to absorb them. If you don’t remove them, they can cause skin problems. In fact, the frequency of bathing depends on the individual cat. You will find that males and lighter colored Sphynx need to be bathed more often to keep clean and usually darker colored Sphynx need less frequent bathing. I suggest a bath every 2 weeks as a starting point and you can alter the schedule to fit the needs of your particular Sphynx. You can use baby shampoo with pH value 5.5.

Because Sphynx have no ear hair, ear wax and dirt build up more quickly, so their ears must be cleaned regularly as well. Once a week is enough. They need to be cleaned carefully with an accurate ear cleaner moistened with water or a special lotion. However, washing them too often increases the risk of clogging the ear canal. Читать далее «You might think a hairless cat requires no grooming»

Appearance Canadian Sphynx

Canadian Sphynx is not just a hairless cat. Surely his appearance of hairlessness is the most distinctive feature of the breed by which it can be recognized at shows. But the nudity of a cat does not mean it is a Sphynx… it would be too easy… As any pedigreed cat, the sphynx must fulfill certain morphological criteria gathered in a standard. First of all, this is a cat with a well-muscled body, that must seem powerful, without being heavy however. Muscled, powerful, but not «thick», barrel-shaped and full rounded abdomen. The ears are large, broad at the base with rounded ends and are neither low-set (i.e. Devon Rex) or high-set (i.e. Cornish Rex). The eyes are lemon-shaped and the look is very expressive. The legs are sturdy and well muscled with rear legs being slightly longer than the front. The tail is long and whippy. Sphynx skin is thick and wrinkled, especially on the forehead, on the neck, around the shoulders and on the front legs. Читать далее «Appearance Canadian Sphynx»

Sphynx is one of the world’s oldest feline breeds

Sphynx is one of the world’s oldest feline breeds. Naked cats have a rich history, which stretches back to times of Egyptian pharaohs. As legend says, a white sphynx with blue eyes kept guard over sanctuaries of ancient Egypt. Naked cats have also been found in ancient Aztec tribes. Being practical by nature, Aztecs used these cats as live heaters.

Cats of the extinct ancient breed, Mexican Hairless, were shown at first cat shows in the USA at the beginning of the 20th century. The last couple of the breed had lived until the early 30s without leaving any kittens. Mexican Hairless resembled the modern Sphynx, but some essential differences have been noted: a longer body, wedge-shaped head with amber-colored eyes and normal whiskers. During the colder season it grew a ridge of fur down the mid back and tail. The origin of this mutation is still unknown. Possibly, Mexican Hairless was genetically close to Donskoy Sphynx as they both, being hairless, were normally whiskered and seasonally coated.

Hairless kittens had occasionally appeared in litters of domestic cats around the world. In 1938 a French professor E. Letard described the mutant allele “h” in hairless kittens produced by a pair of Siamese. Читать далее «Sphynx is one of the world’s oldest feline breeds»

The history of our cattery

The history of our cattery began when we purchased a wonderful kitten, red and white bi-color. Leon, as we named our “first-born”, turned out to be not only charming in appearance, but also a very kind-hearted and friendly creature. He very easily made friends with our 3-month doberman puppy. Although we were absolutely certain that Leon is a very beautiful and intelligent cat, we wanted professional experts to confirm it. When Leon was 6 months old, he reached three Finals (Kittens class) at ASSOLUX International cat show. In 2000 he became one of the best kittens of this association. In the following year, another important event happened in our cattery: Leon met his fiancee – a queen of great beauty and wonderful colour – bright tortie and white — with an oriental name Sacura. Leon was absolutely delighted – her eyes were shining like two emeralds! That year Leon and Sacura were shown at a cat show where Leon was awarded Interchampion title and Sacura not only became Interchampion, but also reached three Finals in Kittens class.
In 2001 Lanion cattery was officially registered with ASSOLUX International.
After a while Sacura produced 5 marvellous kittens. After kittens birth she recovered her shape and gave an excellent performance at ASSOLUX Cup “HILLS 2002”. The results exceeded all our expectations. Читать далее «The history of our cattery»