The history of our cattery

The history of our cattery began when we purchased a wonderful kitten, red and white bi-color. Leon, as we named our “first-born”, turned out to be not only charming in appearance, but also a very kind-hearted and friendly creature. He very easily made friends with our 3-month doberman puppy. Although we were absolutely certain that Leon is a very beautiful and intelligent cat, we wanted professional experts to confirm it. When Leon was 6 months old, he reached three Finals (Kittens class) at ASSOLUX International cat show. In 2000 he became one of the best kittens of this association. In the following year, another important event happened in our cattery: Leon met his fiancee – a queen of great beauty and wonderful colour – bright tortie and white — with an oriental name Sacura. Leon was absolutely delighted – her eyes were shining like two emeralds! That year Leon and Sacura were shown at a cat show where Leon was awarded Interchampion title and Sacura not only became Interchampion, but also reached three Finals in Kittens class.
In 2001 Lanion cattery was officially registered with ASSOLUX International.
After a while Sacura produced 5 marvellous kittens. After kittens birth she recovered her shape and gave an excellent performance at ASSOLUX Cup “HILLS 2002”. The results exceeded all our expectations.
One girl from that litter, Anais’Anais, was shown at the cat show and she got “2nd Best Kitten”, “9th Best Kitten” and “Inter Champion” title. She was only 3.5 months when she won it!
In 2004 our cattery was registered with international feline organizations TICA, CFA, WCF.

In order to keep on working with the breed and widen genetic pool of our cattery, we purchased a black male (top show class) and 2 females: tabby-tortie and black and white bi-color. Then in 2004 we bought a seal point male with blue eyes from a top European cattery “Nefertiti” (France) from Madam France Vandenabeele.

Per 2005 female» DALPAT» MARIAN from the USA (cream &whate), Magnificent cattery «DALPAT» breeder PAT-DALTON SALES Has been taken out. As in February 2006г we imported the female from Belgium «LAVERTON» BLUE BAMBLE BEE (Natural mink wish blue eyes) cattery» LAVERTON» breeder DIANE ENGELEN, in 2006 г in June we imported from the USA in already known nursery DALPAT, male BARENGELS THRILL SEEKER (cream pointed with blue eyes) breeder DIANE SCOTT.
We are very grateful to these breeders owners for the help in formation of our cattery Lanion.

They all are big, well typed cats of modern lines, with a good head shape in proportion to body, clearly visible pinch and well set ears. This infusion of “new blood” will strengthen and improve the breeding lines of Lanion cattery.

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