You might think a hairless cat requires no grooming

You might think a hairless cat requires no grooming. Think again. Sphynx must be bathed regularly to remove excess oil from their skin. All cats produce these secrete natural oils, but Sphynx don’t have fur to absorb them. If you don’t remove them, they can cause skin problems. In fact, the frequency of bathing depends on the individual cat. You will find that males and lighter colored Sphynx need to be bathed more often to keep clean and usually darker colored Sphynx need less frequent bathing. I suggest a bath every 2 weeks as a starting point and you can alter the schedule to fit the needs of your particular Sphynx. You can use baby shampoo with pH value 5.5.

Because Sphynx have no ear hair, ear wax and dirt build up more quickly, so their ears must be cleaned regularly as well. Once a week is enough. They need to be cleaned carefully with an accurate ear cleaner moistened with water or a special lotion. However, washing them too often increases the risk of clogging the ear canal.

Sphynx should have their nails trimmed every 2 weeks, fore legs need more frequent trim. When clipping nails be sure to avoid clipping into the pink vein area inside the nail as this causes pain to the cat and possibly bleeding. You may use a regular toenail clipper for kittens and a cat clipper on adults. Sphynx will get a black waxy build-up on their nails. You should clean them weekly with baby wipes with aloe.

Sphynx, like all cats, should be fed a high quality, nutritionally complete diet made for felines. As any cat, Sphynx teeth develop tartar. Therefore, a dry food-based diet is recommended, as it cleans the teeth and has a higher nutritional value. We feed and recommend dry food of «Premium Kitten formula» line: «Eagle Pack» or «Royal Canine», Hills», “Iams». You can steep the food in water before feeding. To give a treat to your pet you can also buy tinned food of these brands.

Follow these instructions and you will fully enjoy the magnificence of your Sphynx.

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